Available Hairdressing Seminars

Course for beginners and experienced colorists that they need to recall the rules of colors. Starting the journey from the very basic steps of color to the basic installation techniques, through the world of backgrounds lightening.
Proper placement of the foil and any other tools, creating the proper basis for lightening, and techniques that will lighten the hair.
Course for experienced colorists, entering deeper into the color paths, and even technical solutions for the most difficult cases.
Seeing colors with different eyes, through appropriate tools, we are able to highlight the personality of the client, with tips on her hair – makeup – clothes and accessories.
Fundamentals of haircut to all coupers know. Coupers from beginners to very experienced, learning to read properly haircuts, to create and adapt correctly to the appropriate person.
The ritual of the male haircut from a to z. All the tips for the perfect male haircut.
Leading client from the Hair Salon to a world of emotions. Through the approach of absolute advisory experience.
From the most famous catwalks and fashion metropolis of New York, all the latest trends in haircut and color, ready to apply them to our clients.
Through an experience of theoretical and practical tests, we discover the needs and expectations of our partners. The best tool for more accurate targeting of a personal hairdresser.
Building the perfectly specialized training, adapting to the needs of your workplace. Creating a seminar from the beginning for you and your partners.

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Dimitris Maggos
Dimitris MaggosHair Salon Educator, Hairstylist, International Redken Artist
Dimitris Mangos with years of international experience in education, offers Training, Specialized Seminars and advisory services for Hair Salons and Hairdressers.


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